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EssentialJen's Essentials - Apple Watch

My Apple Watch is one of my all-time favorite pieces of tech.

Before receiving my first Apple Watch as a gift nearly five years ago, I was intrigued by them, but thought of them mostly as a premium fitness tracker.  Back then, I had less experience with Apple products and wondered if the watches I suddenly saw everyone wearing were mostly a status symbol. It only took a day or two of experiencing the Apple Watch to appreciate all of the functionality packed into this little wearable!

I love that it's connected to my phone and I'm alerted to incoming calls and texts on my wrist. The same goes for the alarms and other reminders that I set on my phone. I never miss a thing because I accidentally left my phone in the other room. And speaking of that, I can use my watch to find where my phone is in the house!

I expected the Apple Watch would do a standout job of tracking fitness, and it surely does. As a swimmer, it tracks my heart rate, strokes used, and distances flawlessly. Other brands of fitness trackers don't work so well in the water. But there are many other aspects of health beyond workouts that the Apple Watch tracks, such as heart rate variability, resting heart rate and respiratory rate, walking asymmetry and steadiness, and cardio fitness. Recently I've started wearing my Apple Watch to bed as a sleep tracker and I love the data it gives me about my sleep health.

The Apple Watch can also help in a variety of emergency situations, and that gives me a feeling of security. By pressing and holding the side button on my watch, I can easily call 911 in an emergency. The watch can also alert emergency services if a severe car crash or a hard fall has been detected.

The Apple Watch is packed with many more features, too numerous to go into here. It has quickly become a piece of tech that brings me value every day, and it's something that I don't want to be without.


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