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EssentialJen's Essentials - Logitech M720 Mouse

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

A hand holding a computer mouse

The Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Device Wireless Mouse is tops in my book.

It's no surprise given the amount of time that I spend clicking, pointing, and scrolling, that I'm picky about my mouse.

First things first - it MUST be wireless in order for me to be in my happy place. That means I need a Bluetooth mouse to work with my slim laptop, which can't accommodate a traditional USB dongle. As a Bluetooth mouse that can pair with up to three different devices, the Logitech M720 checks this box.

Secondly, the mouse needs to feel good in my hand. The Logitech M720 is on the larger side, but I feel this allows my hand to be in a comfortable, relaxed position, not straining to control a small mouse.

The last criterion is that it needs a quality scrolling wheel. The Logitech M720 allows me to choose between smooth, free scrolling and a more tactile scrolling experience where the wheel has a "clicky" or "notchy" feeling. Usually, I'm a free scroller, but when I'm doing certain types of work, the tactile scrolling is better. I can switch between the two by pressing a small button on the top of the mouse!


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