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EssentialJen's Essentials - Sash Bag

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

My recent business trip reminded me of all the reasons I love the Sash bag!

Those of you who have encountered me in "real life" know that I'm rarely seen without a Sash bag. What's that, you ask? It's an ergonomic crossbody bag that somehow found me through the magic of Facebook ads, and I'm now obsessed with.

I'd never been a purse person. To give you an idea, the purse I had prior to finding the Sash bag was a sturdily-made genuine leather brown one that I carried for something like seven years.

The Sash bag changed all that. I love the way it can be comfortably worn for hours. It has pockets and compartments for all of my necessities, which are close at hand without having to dig for them. Because the bag is worn, there's no reason to worry about it being lost or snatched. This is an incredible benefit while traveling, but I find it also takes away stress in the grocery store - no more worrying about my purse being lifted from the child seat while I've turned away to peruse the cereal.

My Sash bag was a great travel partner last week. It's one less thing to worry about as I'm shepherding my other belongings through the airport, it's comfortable during long days, and for some reason, I'm never asked to take it off and stow it under my seat while on a plane. That means the little items I may need during the flight are at my fingertips.

I'm not affiliated with Sash in any way. I just love their product, and thanks to them, I'm now one of those people who has a purse in every color.


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