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EssentialJen's Essentials - Waterproof Swim Headphones

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Waterproof swim headphones sitting on a towel at the edge of a pool

Waterproof swim headphones allow me to multitask while exercising!

Lap swimming is my exercise of choice, and I see a lot of different equipment that my fellow swimmers bring with them to use. Needless to say, I was intrigued when I saw a couple of swimmers with these headphones.

While I'm generally content to just listen to the splashing of the water as I swim, I also love podcasts and was finding that I didn't have enough time to listen to all of my favorites. I decided to give these waterproof bone-conduction headphones a try!

They are a little different in that they don't go IN your ears - the little speakers sit on your cheekbones IN FRONT of your ears. The sound is transmitted through your cheekbones into your inner ear through vibration. Who knew? And, they work well!

The design allows swimmers to still wear earplugs if needed, or, since they leave the ears open, they are great for other activities where it's preferable to keep situational awareness, such as biking, running, or walking.

The headphones connect to my phone via Bluetooth (which I keep poolside in a small, sealed plastic food container) and they hold a solid connection as I'm swimming laps in the 25-yard pool. There is also a 32 GB MP-3 player built in if one just wanted to upload music. My headphones are IPX8 waterproof (submersible to 20 meters), but sweatproof models are available for those who just want to use them on dry land. Amazon has a plethora of choices that come up with a quick search.

I'm thrilled I can now keep up with my podcasts and I'm even eyeing some new ones to subscribe to with the "extra" time I've found!


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