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EssentialJen's Essentials - Teamwork Project Management Software

Teamwork project management software has my back when it comes to recurring work with multiple steps!

The backbone of my task management lives in Microsoft Outlook, but with my client load increasing, and with recurring, complicated work on the rise, it was time to look into support from project management software. Not wanting to move fully into Asana, Trello, or Clickup, I was on the lookout for software that could augment my trusted setup in Outlook while providing better support for documenting workflows and processes for multi-step client work that repeats, whether on a schedule or not. I've found that Teamwork fits the bill perfectly!

Teamwork enables me to build templates of task lists that allow for complete documentation of a process. For example, I write a blog for a client. There are multiple steps to this weekly project, such as completing the writing, choosing an accompanying photo, publishing it on his website, sending out an email marketing campaign, and promoting it on social media. The task list I made in Teamwork contains all the steps of this process described in minute detail, down to what buttons to click within the five pieces of software I need to use to get this project done. Within Teamwork, I'm also able to note the client's preferences, any quirks I need to remember about photo/font sizes, attach the files I use each time, and include hashtag lists, just to name a few examples of things that I like to document.

When it's time to do this client's blog, I simply go into Teamwork and generate a nice checklist of everything that needs to be done, along with the instructions and the resources I need, all in one place! Teamwork saves me untold amounts of time and brainpower having to remember processes and preferences - very helpful because I have multiple clients with specific parameters on how things should be done. It's also a lifesaver for work that's done repeatedly but not often. There's no danger in forgetting how to do a particular job because it's there in Teamwork whenever I need it.

I'm ecstatic with how Teamwork benefits me and my clients. It makes my life easier, increases efficiency, and allows me to deliver high-quality, personalized work each and every time!


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