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EssentialJen's Essentials - Travel Cupholder

A blue suitcase with a travel cupholder on its handle.

This travel cupholder makes time spent in airports a little more enjoyable.

Are you tired of juggling your travel essentials while on the go? I know I'm always looking for travel gadgets that might make the journey a little easier, and this travel cupholder for luggage is my newest favorite! It slips easily over the handle of my roller bag and securely holds whatever drink I'm toting as I move through the airport. It's also handy as I'm sitting in the boarding area having a snack or meal - no more balancing my beverage on top of my suitcase and hoping it doesn't spill.

An Amazon search for "travel cupholder for luggage" turns up many choices with various features to fit your needs. My particular model has two cupholders and a flat pocket at the back that's good for holding a boarding pass or phone. While in the boarding area, I find myself using one of the cupholders for a drink, and the other for the little odds and ends I need to keep track of, such as earbuds.

When it's time to board, the cupholder is easily removed and folds flat to tuck into my suitcase or carry-on. It's amazing how much more enjoyable air travel can be with the right gadgets to smooth the way!


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