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EssentialJen's Essentials - Canva Pro

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Canva logo

Canva Pro is software that, surprisingly, I use nearly every day!

I don't consider myself to be a heavy-hitting content creator or a serious design guru, but Canva Pro definitely helps me every day in my work as a virtual assistant. After taking a deep dive into the tutorials, I was able to pick up a wealth of knowledge on how to use the program to do a variety of things that are useful for me and my clients.

Canva Pro (paid) has an extensive library of templates, graphics, photos, and other elements. This, coupled with its powerful design software, makes it a treasure trove of creative goodness. Some of the things I find myself doing most often in Canva are:

  • Creating Facebook profile pics and cover pics, LinkedIn banners, and simple graphics to post on all social media platforms

  • Designing signage welcoming participants to events and drawing attention to the sponsors

  • Producing business cards

  • Making flyers

  • Finding free stock photography for designs in Canva and my Mailchimp newsletters

  • Removing backgrounds from photos with ease

I'm continually amazed by what I am able to do and how much value this program adds to my business!


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