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I offer an affordable and accessible solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to get online. A custom website, built by me on the Wix platform, is the perfect choice for those looking to create a professional online presence without breaking the bank.

Website Design Package

What You'll Get

The package includes the design and implementation of a Wix website, consisting of up to four pages, or four sections if a one-page scrolling website is desired. 

Home, About, Services, and Contact are the typical pages or sections for a four page website, but other pages can be substituted if you wish. If pages such as Blog or Portfolio are chosen, the 'base' page is created and counts as one page. Loading blog posts or portfolio elements is additional.


Additional services are available, with work charged hourly at $50/hour. Examples of additional services include:

  • Web pages/sections beyond the (4) included in the package

  • Revisions beyond the (1) included revision per page/section

  • Loading blog posts to the site

  • Adding portfolio elements to the site

  • Producing content for the site (if agreed upon) - writing, editing, stock photography selection, etc.

  • Setting up calendar scheduling capability

  • Setting up an online store and/or payment processing

  • Domain research beyond the quick consult included in the package

  • Perform technical SEO - run Google Console, submit site map, create meta descriptions, add alt-text, manually submit pages for indexing

The client is responsible for the cost of the annual Wix plan and domain. The cost for the Wix plan generally ranges between $16-32 per month, and usually includes a free domain for the first year. 

Wix plan

The Process

  1.  We have a complimentary Discovery Call together (30 minutes) to discuss the project and determine whether the Website Design Package is right for you. If we decide to proceed, we will talk a bit about your vision so I can get a feel for your style, color preferences, etc.

  2.  You remit payment of $749 for the Website Design Package.

  3.  I research appropriate templates for the project and present 3-4 templates to you via email to choose from as the basic layout. The templates are flexible and can be customized with colors, adding or deleting elements, etc.

  4.  You provide your logo & brand colors (if known) and the content for the Home page (photos & text) via email.

  5.  I create the Home page and present it to you via email for your approval. This is an important step because we are setting the look/feel of the website and it will carry through all of the pages.​ If you would like to tweak the Home page, the package allows for 1 revision.

  6.  You provide the content for Page 2 (photos & text) via email.

  7.  I create Page 2 and present it to you via email for your approval. If you would like to tweak Page 2, the package allows for 1 revision.

  8.  You provide the content for Page 3 (photos & text) via email.

  9.  I create Page 3 and present it to you via email for your approval. If you would like to tweak Page 3, the package allows for 1 revision.

  10.  You provide the content for Page 4 (photos & text) via email.

  11.  I create Page 4 and present it to you via email for your approval.​ If you would like to tweak Page 4, the package allows for 1 revision. 

  12.  If desired, any Extras are added to the website. We will communicate back and forth via email as we did while building pages 1-4.  Periodic payments are due as the extra work is being performed. 

  13.  Once the website is done and we are happy with its appearance, I complete the necessary work on the back-end to finalize it.

  14.  I send the domain availability search link for you to explore, along with some basic guidance and a suggestion or two for an appropriate domain name.  

  15.  We have a Zoom call together (20-30 minutes) to launch the website. On this call, we first go over the Wix plans and I assist you with making your purchase. Then, I obtain and attach your desired domain. At the end of the call, you have a beautiful new website that's ready to introduce to the world!

My Portfolio

Emily Reed website screenshot
Oak and Linden website screenshot
ResponsAble People website screenshot
Just Perfect Cleaning website screenshot
EssentialJen website screenshot
Compassion Place website screenshot
Hank Built online store screenshot

If you'd like a tour of these sites, please contact me - I'd be happy to show you around!

Take the First Step!

Discovery Call

Let's jump on a Zoom call together! It's a perfect way for us to learn about each other's businesses and figure out whether the Website Design Package is right for you.  We'll discuss what you need in a website and I'll answer all your questions on this free, no-obligation, 30-minute call.  

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