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EssentialJen's Essentials - Google Chrome Tab Groups

Google Chrome Tab Groups create a streamlined browsing experience.

Whether you're doing serious web research, or simply going about your day poking around the internet, it's easy to end up with way too many tabs open. If you're like me, some are tabs that I want open all the time for easy reference, like Gmail and Facebook, and the rest are a motley collection of pages I've discovered that I want to come back to later. It can quickly become a mess, and all those open tabs can slow down browser performance, making surfing sluggish and frustrating.

I was pleased to recently discover a great feature in Google Chrome that solves these problems - Tab Groups.

To get started, simply right-click an open tab and select Add to Group. Select New Group and assign it a name and color. I like to use this feature to group related tabs. For example, I'll often have several tabs open as I'm planning an upcoming vacation. I can group them together to keep things organized and neat. To add a tab to an existing group, right-click an open tab, select Add to Group and choose the desired group. 

Taking this a step further for increased organization, I can left-click directly on the tab group name to collapse the group when I'm done thinking about that particular subject. This not only creates more space along the top for more tabs, but it suspends the pages, which conserves system resources for smoother browsing when I have many tabs open. All I have to do is left-click to revive them again.

This is how Tab Groups works at a basic level, and it's a great place for anyone to start. Just like anything, there are advanced features that allow users to go even deeper into the functionality if they want to!


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